Blender render competition

We are announcing a competition for the best Blender scene render.

The competition is open for every student, Ph.D. candidate, and any person interested in science in Poland.

The competition challenge is creating the best, the most interesting, the most beautiful, the most professional render of a scene made in the Blender program. The scene has to have at least one unique model of optomechanical element valued at min. 30€ from the Thorlabs database and must have an experimental physics theme

Deadline for submissions: 30th September 2020 23:59
The prize: Voucher for 120 PLN for
Submission method: jpg/png render + project file sent to the email: [at]

All of the submission will be published on the KNOF GitLab repository on the CC BY-SA license, so the created models could serve all of the scientific community.

The uniqueness of the optomechanical model will be assured by registering it in Google Spreadsheets.

The works will be judged by the wide public at the beginning of October.

Good luck!