KNOF UW - The Student Association of Optics and Photonics

KNOF UW - The Student Association of Optics and Photonics

OPTICA-SPIE-EPS-IEEE University of Warsaw Student Chapter

KNOF Activities

You can distinguish three main areas:

Conference trips

We use our rich experience to effectively help to obtain funds for national and international conference trips. We also organise collective trips.



KNOF relies on people first and foremost, hence why meetings have always been our most important activity. Beside meetings with top scientists, we also organise social meetings, movie nights and group city hangouts.


Projects and outreach

We are always busy with new projects! We organise student conferences and professional development schools. We are active in many outreach events organised nationwide.



Neon Museum with Nanorurki

Sometimes it's good to reminisce, especially in times of social apocalypse. On 04.10.2019, we went together with a friendly chapter "Nanorurki" to the Warsaw Neon...
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Career Paths in Photonics and Securing Research Funding

On 27th November we were hosting meeting with Gabrielle M Thomas, a winner of the very prestigious Marie-Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) Individual Fellowship (IF), 2019 Ambassador of the Optical Society and now an innovation manager at M Squared. She shared her personal journey and experience of selecting a career path as well as some tips and resources useful for our own careers. Some of the most valuable things we’ve learned are ways of being more active in specific field of interest and building our own network.  During workshop our guest guided us through the process of writing grant proposals and securing funding. She provided us with elaborately detailed requirements and pointers to pay attention to while writing for grants and scholarships. What was extremely interesting to understand and discuss was her very own MSCA IF proposal.  Thank you all for great meeting!
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Visualization: from data to (un)informative image

It’s hard to imagine a career, which completely doesn’t need making some data understandable. In the world where information is everywhere, it is necessary to represent it properly, if we want to be heard and understood. That’s why the talk about data visualization given by Bartosz Borucki from the ICM UW, was indeed useful and interesting. We’ve learned a lot about some principles and tips helping with representing data better. Especially the talk was focused on frequent mistakes which can not only complicate the understanding of certain information but even distort it. 
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miniModes Photonics School 2019

Second November weekend was the time for the first edition of a new event in KNOF calendar - the miniModes Photonics School. Three days filled...
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Frontiers in Optics 2019

A memorable event from last September was the Frontiers in Optics 2019 conference in Washington DC, USA. 100 sessions, 800 presentations and 1300 participants -...
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OPTO 2019 Toruń

During last summer break we stormed as usual the OPTO conference - meeting of optics-photonics student chapters from the whole Poland. This time we visited...
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Science with WOW! – meeting with Tomasz Rożek

The star of our first meeting in 2019/2020 was doctor Tomasz Rożek - one of the most popular science communicators in Poland. Aside from his...
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IONS Barcelona 2019

Being a member of KNOF always means actively spent holiday break! In June 2019 six of our Associates visited the Institute of Photonic Sciences in...
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International Photonics Day

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the adoption of the value of speed of light at the General Conference of Weights and Measures, we celebrated the International Day of Photonics on October 21st. This year’s event centered around the theme of “engaging young talents,” therefore we have invited high…

Meeting with dr Michał Parniak – “Processing quantum information with atomic ensembles”

On Wednesday, 2nd of March, we met with dr Michał Parniak who is leading the Quantum Optical Devices Laboratory at the University of Warsaw. Michał presented efforts from his lab at implementing quantum information processors using an ensemble of cold rubidium atoms – applied to generating entanglement, quantum spectroscopy, and…

Job Offer

SPECIALIST FOR EDUCATION PROJECTS Do you love sharing knowledge, organizing and participating in educational events? Did you organize popularization events with young people or workshops for student chapters? Or maybe you’re tutoring and both your pupils and their parents are delighted? if you have studied or you are currently studing…

Blender render competition

We are announcing a competition for the best Blender scene render. The competition is open for every student, Ph.D. candidate, and any person interested in science in Poland. The competition challenge is creating the best, the most interesting, the most beautiful, the most professional render of a scene made in…

Cooperation with BOTLAND

We are pleased to announce that we are starting cooperation with BOTLAND electronic store. We are counting on fruitful cooperation and effective further development of our chapter. Below we send interested people to familiarize themselves with the offer of mentioned store.

SPIE Scholarship for Natalia!

Natalia Kuk, our Vice-President for 2019, received a scientific scholarship from SPIE! In this year’s edition, 78 people from around the world were distinguished, and Natalia was the only person from Poland. Almost every year KNOFians receive such scholarships. We are glad that Natalia upholds this tradition and wish her all…