Cooperation with BOTLAND

We are pleased to announce that we are starting cooperation with BOTLAND electronic store. We are counting on fruitful cooperation and effective further development of our chapter. Below we send interested people to familiarize themselves with the offer of mentioned store.

Day of Light

Learn more about POLISH PHOTONICS! This is a unique opportunity to visit modern laboratories and see what is happening in the Polish photonic industry. We cordially invite you to celebrate the International Day of Light 2020 together!Due to exceptional circumstances, this year’s celebration will take place on the Internet. We…

Neon Museum with Nanorurki

Sometimes it’s good to reminisce, especially in times of social apocalypse. On 04.10.2019, we went together with a friendly chapter “Nanorurki” to the Warsaw Neon Museum. The museum focuses on presenting Polish light ads, but you can also find references to foreign culture. About the fact that everything ended colourfully,…

Meeting with Michael Freeman

On November 13th and 14th, Michael Freeman from Washington University, Fulbright Scholar in Spain, taught us how to visualize our data, ideas and workThe meeting and workshop called “Visualization Concepts: using data to explain complex topics” showed us, when seemingly simple ideas are difficult and tricky to present; and the…

Visualization: from data to (un)informative image

It’s hard to imagine a career, which completely doesn’t need making some data understandable. In the world where information is everywhere, it is necessary to represent it properly, if we want to be heard and understood. That’s why the talk about data visualization given by Bartosz Borucki from the ICM UW, was indeed useful and interesting. We’ve learned a lot about some principles and tips helping with representing data better. Especially the talk was focused on frequent mistakes which can not only complicate the understanding of certain information but even distort it.