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IEEE Photonics Student Branch

University of Warsaw IEEE Photonics Student Branch Chapter

University of Warsaw IEEE Student Branch


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the biggest professional association in the world, comprising of more than 420,000 members from 160 countries. Contrary to its name, its fields are not only electrics and electronics, but also 39 satellite fields, assigned to appropriate IEEE Societies. The closest to our hearts is of course the IEEE Photonics Society, working under different names since 1965 and supporting development and visibility of optics, photonics, quantum communication and their application.

IEEE Photonics Society assists scientific research and its applications, organises and/or sponsors conferences and workshops worldwide, gives support to outreach projects, offers student grant programmes and runs numerous scientific journals.

In 2019 we became one of over 2600 IEEE Student Branches, as well as IEEE Photonics Student Branch Chapter. Cooperation of KNOF with IEEE Photonics shows itself in:

  • funding of our projects
  • possibility to invite speakers from all around the globe
  • access to selected scientific journals
  • supplies of outreach materials
  • opportunity to apply for various grants.

Being a KNOF member does not imply being an IEEE member, however it’s worth it! To become an IEEE student member, you have to register at their website and pay a yearly fee of circa 20 USD. You may be interested in talking to your supervisor/tutor about the fees – they may just agree to fund your membership.