OPTO 2019 Toruń

During last summer break we stormed as usual the OPTO conference – meeting of optics-photonics student chapters from the whole Poland. This time we visited Toruń, where our hosts from Nicolaus Copernicus University prepared a pletora of lectures, workshops and other attractions. Each of our Associates presented their research. Social meetings after the officla parts brought an additional effect – the boards of student chapters decided that the OPTO 2022 will be hosted at our University!

Thank you for warm reception in Toruń and see you next year!

Visit of EPS YM Action Committee

On 11th and 12th October 2019 we hosted at our Faculty of Physics the meeting of EPS Young Minds Action Committee, one of the regular meetings in cities, where Young Minds Sections are based.

During the meeting beside the talks we presented the KNOF activities to the Committee. Thank you for the nice visit!

Science with WOW! – meeting with Tomasz Rożek

The star of our first meeting in 2019/2020 was doctor Tomasz Rożek – one of the most popular science communicators in Poland. Aside from his PhD in Physics, he also has degree in Journalism, both at University of Silesia in Katowice. He wrote several popular science books and articles. He also creates TV show Sonda2 and webpage naukatolubie.pl. At the meeting he answered the questions about science popularization. Science, as beautiful as it is, still needs strong PR sector to inspire interests in people.

NzN grant for KNOF!

Latest great grant success of KNOF! Our project “Polish Photonics Leaders”, prepared by the team of 8 KNOF students, was recommended for funding within the “Najlepsi z Najlepszych 4.0” (“The Best from the best”) programme of Polish Ministry of Science. Our Associates will be representing Univ. of Warsaw on international…

IONS Barcelona 2019

Being a member of KNOF always means actively spent holiday break! In June 2019 six of our Associates visited the Institute of Photonic Sciences in sunny Barcelona for the IONS conference, where they showed their research, promoted Polish science and our initiatives, and met fellow students and PhD candidates from…