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Light is Super

Day of Light 2019 – “Light is Super” exhibition

Each year on 16th of May we celebrate our big day – the International Day of Light. In 2019 we decided to prepare something special for the occasion – an extraordinary exhibition “Light is Super”. We compiled 10 bilingual boards (in Polish and English), where we show the world in how many aspects the light is wonderful, fascinating and enabling really great science – it’s just super!

The exhibition was shown in the main hall of Faculty of Physics UW (link), and now it decorates the halls of Optics Division. We proudly present the boards on our website as well. Below we provide you with links to full resolution files and the Polish version as well.

Spread them around – let know as many people as possible, that Light is Super!

Working together with our friends from Student Chapter “Retina” UW we prepared also 4 supplementary boards, showcasing interesting phenomena from vision optics.


Polish version

Full resolution files: