How to join?

Many people wanting to join KNOF don’t know where to begin. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to write a quick guide found below, where you can learn what to do to become a part of our wonderful Association.

Mailing group

The basis of any community is communication. For that we use mainly the mailing group. If you want to stay informed about all of our activities, please join the group. You can do it easily by just sending an e-mail to knof+subscribe[at] and then remember to confirm joining by clicking on the link, that you will get in return mail. If you find any problems with that, please contact the KNOF Board at knof[at]

Facebook group

Since 2018 we use an additional information channel – a Facebook group KNOF @ Fejs. We established it to help with communication with KNOF those people that are not familiar with the mailing group, prefer to use Facebook for communication or find it easier to join the Facebook group. However, mind that our main communication channel with the most important information flow is still a mailing group.


On the mailing group there are often calls for help with some project; we sometimes need people to help with poster hanging or by preparations for a science festival. We are a relatively small Association, so each bit of help counts. That’s why you’re encouraged to respond to those calls. They are perfect opportunities to meet KNOF members personally and get to know how we do things – and we are really efficient at that.

KNOF meetings

An integral part of our Association are the meetings – with the scientists, social ones, nights out in the city or working meetings. If you want to be a part of KNOF, you can start by coming to our meetings. It’s a great way to meet all the KNOF members. We usually meet on Wednesday afternoons – look for posters and website and Facebook events for details.

Yearly census

Once every year, in January, we conduct a census of our members. That is due to the necessity to report our yearly activity to the authorities. Be sure to get included in the census, as it helps to get you full KNOF member benefits. Place and time to open the census are sent via mailing group every year.


As we mentioned on the main page, KNOF trips are our vital activity. Usually the list of participants is open for active members, so those who contribute to KNOF are welcome to enroll. We have a vast experience in finding funding for our trips.