OPTICA Student Chapter

University of Warsaw OPTICA Student Chapter

OPTICA (Formerly OSA) is a scientific society in fields of optics and photonics – supporting basic research as well as applications. Within the scope of its operation OSA organises conferences and exhibitions worldwide, publishes a number of scientific journals, cooperates with industry and educates new generations of young scientists.

It is the biggest optical organisation in the world, uniting people from 100 countries and working with numerous fields such as physics, biology, metrology, medicine, engineering etc. Since the beginning of 20th century promotes the development of science and technology, having right now over 16,000 individual members and more than 230 cooperating companies.

KNOF-OPTICA cooperation has a lot of advantages:

  • easier participation in conferences, including IONS student conferences
  • funding of KNOF projects
  • inviting foreign speakers
  • open access to selected journals
  • supplies of outreach materials

Being a KNOF member does not imply being an OPTICA member, however it’s worth it! To become an OPTICA student member, you have to register at their website and pay a yearly fee of 20 USD. You may be interested in talking to your supervisor/tutor about the fees – they may just agree to fund your membership.

Being an OPTICA Student Member you are eligible for many incentives:

  • reduced fees for OPTICA-organised conferences
  • subscription of selected OPTICA journals
  • free limited access to scientific papers from OPTICA database