Koło Naukowe Optyki i Fotoniki UW


Student Association of Optics and Photonics UW

(Koło Naukowe Optyki i Fotoniki UW, KNOF UW)

Student Association of Optics and Photonics (KNOF UW), University of Warsaw OSA Student Chapter, University of Warsaw SPIE Student Chapter, University of Warsaw Optics EPS Young Minds Section, University of Warsaw IEEE Photonics Student Branch Chapter (for legal reasons we co-exist as formally separate organizations with common goals) were established by students and PhD candidates in the beginning of 2011. The main goal of the project is support and encouragment for scientific activities for PhD and undergrad students working with broadly defined optics and photonics. We aim to simplify communication within University of Warsaw student communities, Polish scientific communities, and support international networks and cooperative projects.

We believe that our Association will become a platform to exchange scientific experience and ideas, combining state-of-the-art research in various fields of optics and photonics, and encouraging students to actively participate in joint research work and projects. We especially aim to raise interest in optics and in own research among the youngest undergraduate students, whose enthusiasm and fresh ideas may come to life in creative work under supervision of our more experienced members.

We achieve our goals via:

  • organising lectures and workshops
  • participation in national and international conferences
  • organising our own student conference – the miniModes Photonics School
  • help in getting the funding for conferences and workshops
  • outreach projects about the science of light – optics and photonics
  • enabling the members internetional networking
  • building a strong KNOF social network
  • and many more – maybe your own fresh ideas!

Our Student Association Advisor is Michał Karpiński, PhD, working at Faculty of Physics UW.

Our mail address is knof[at]fuw.edu.pl.

2023 Board

Chairman: Marcin Jastrzębski
Vice-chairman: Stanisław Kurzyna
Vice-chairman: Zofia Dziekan
Treasurer: Pavel Halavach
Secretary: Katarzyna Ludwiczak

Earlier Boards:

2022 Board

Chairman: Katarzyna Ludwiczak
Vice-chairman: Michał Chrzanowski
Vice-chairman: Michał Lipka
Treasurer: Michał Mikołajczyk
Secretary: Adam Widomski

2021 Board

Chairman: Adam Widomski
Vice-chairman: Katarzyna Ludwiczak
Vice-chairman: Uliana Pylypenko
Treasurer: Filip Sośnicki
Secretary: Michał Mikołajczyk

2020 Board

Chairman: Michał Mikołajczyk
Vice-chairman: Adam Widomski
Vice-chairman: Uliana Pylypenko
Treasurer: Filip Sośnicki
Secretary: Piotr Węgrzyn


Chairman: Piotr Węgrzyn
Vice-chairman: Natalia Kuk
Vice-chairman: Michał Mikołajczyk
Treasurer: Filip Sośnicki
Secretary: Jakub Dobosz


Chairman: Jakub Dobosz
Vice-chairman: Mikołaj Rogóż
Treasurer: Michał Jachura


Chairman: Piotr Węgrzyn
Vice-chairman: Justyna Piwowar
Vice-chairman: Jakub Dobosz
Treasurer: Michał Jachura


Chairman: Michał Parniak
Vice-chairman: Jerzy Szuniewicz
Secretary: Piotr Węgrzyn
Treasurer: Jan Szczepanek