KNOF Annual Meeting 2020

On 8th January all our members gathered for the KNOF Annual Meeting – a time to reflect on the previous year and choose a new Board for the upcoming year.

2019 Board was stepping down and summarized the previous year, highlighting the most important achievements, like the EPS Leadership Meeting prize, miniModes 2019 Photonics School organisation or success in the NzN grant programme.

Then the 2020 Board was chosen: Michał Mikołajczyk (president; vicepresident w 2019); Adam Widomski (vicepresident), Uliana Pylypenko (vicepresident), Filip Sośnicki (treasurer; also in 2019) i Piotr Węgrzyn (secretary; president in 2019 and 2017). We wish our new Board all the best luck with all the ambitious plans for 2020!